Carey Scarborough moved to Santa Fe in 1990 in search of a better quality of life and quickly felt at home. Carey had previously worked as a Senior Customer Service Agent in Southern California at Federal Express. She was with Federal Express for 24 years before retiring. This experience gave her a solid foundation in the principles of excellence in customer service. Carey’s focus on detail and her integrity will undoubtedly appeal to those who are seeking someone who works well independently.

While working for Federal Express, Carey began to talk to her friends to find out how they preserved their quality of life while getting tasks done that needed to get done. After all, she came to Santa Fe for just that. She found that they were all struggling and made the decision to explore this opportunity in her ’spare time’. Carey found there were plenty of people in Santa Fe that valued their quality of life just as much as she did. Finally, working at Federal Express and then for her new clients during her off hours became too much. Carey retired and took the leap.

At Your Service was created by Carey to assist her clients in managing their day-to-day lives. Carey understands how challenging it can be to stay organized and meet your responsibilities. Instead of playing Whac-a-Mole with your to-do list, you can entrust Carey with everything from paying your bills to facilitating needed home repairs.

When she’s not helping you, Carey can be found hiking in the mountains, in her kitchen cooking, or dancing with her friends on the Plaza.